Focus on the Family

2015.  A new year.  A new way. Some of the same. And some really new and fresh stuff. Its Easter already. Time for new birth, and for reflecting and a little bit of grieving for things we have let go of.

Forging Ahead is changing shape this year, along with its “main rider”. Some tweaks to the content of the website, as well as a “new look” blog.

Having “played” almost exclusively in the corporate space for the last few years, I’ve learnt so many valuable lessons, and experienced so much about the true, beautiful, raw essence of people who put on a suit and tie, and strut their way to promotion after promotion, climbing the ladder of success that so many of us aspire to.

So many hours spent talking to people from all backgrounds, who converge in that place known widely as “management”. Various different roles, many, many extraordinary people, of extreme intellect and vast intelligence. Finding their way in a wide and wild new world, where new rules are being defined and tweaked almost daily. Talking about teams, about self, about strategy, about what really is important….

And what has really stayed with me, as I look back on the years in the boardroom, and around the u-shape “workshop space” I am most accustomed to working in, and think about the time spent sitting in the circle, knee to knee – listening, really listening for words from the soul; what I hear, and what has really sunk in and settled, as it were…. is that every time – yes, I really mean every single time – I ask people what they really care about, what really makes their hearts sing…..

They tell me about their people. Their families.

For some, that includes a wide group of relatives: aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews, along with in-laws and grandparents. For others it’s the strength of one relationship, one intimate person who has pulled them out of the dark, and helped them to focus on living, and growing.

The over-riding pull for people at all levels in an organization, no matter the actual agenda for the day, is how their relationship to family defines their experience in the world.

And so my plan for the blog on for this year, is to focus somewhat on the family, and on our relationships within it, and what happens when things happen to change the foundations and structures of our families.

I hope you will join in, and let me know what works for you, and what you would like more of.

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