What is Coaching?

Coaching for individuals is a journey of exploration and emerging awareness. We begin to have conversations about you and your plans for your life. You examine where you might like to be, one day, and we start to dream bigger, develop strategies and work towards the goals that you set for yourself. As the coach, I provide a safe space for you to work in, and I help you to focus your thinking by asking pertinent questions.

You need to be ready to do the work that is required to make the changes you decide on.

This is what people say about my coaching:

“You helped me look at perceived problems differently and it also spilled over to my work situation. I now start to see solutions to problems where before I was unable to see a way forward.”

“Linda’s coaching was extremely intuitive and on-point with everything I was feeling, and I found her way of framing my experiences in words very helpful to the process.”

“It has been such an amazing experience for me, exploring themes that ended up encompassing far more than just what I thought was going on with my riding. This journey has become one of self discovery and acceptance. Thank you Linda for giving me the space to find myself.”

People come to individual coaching for many different reasons:

  • You are ‘on top of your game’, and want to be sure to stay there, or even move up a level.
  • Things are mostly great, but one or two areas of your life need some attention.
  • Something enormous has happened in your life and you need to make some changes: physically, mentally, emotionally, or all 3
  • You are about to change something in your life (have a baby, get married, new job, etc) and want to explore some strategies and options
  • Feeling lost and overwhelmed and desperate for some direction?
  • Stuck between two possible options (the proverbial “rock and a hard place”)
  • Any combination of the above or something different.

During our coaching journey, we will explore your:


….in a variety of ways, using a loosely held model I call the Alphabet Process



“Nothing changes if nothing changes.”