Have you considered Couples Coaching?

In this moment, on a scale of 1 to 10, what is your relationship frustration level?
Most couples will fluctuate slightly up and slightly down this scale. Life events like the birth of a baby, death of a parent, adult children leaving the nest, blending families, renovating a home, moving cities, stress of a new job or fatigue from working long hours can derail the best relationships.

So many couples prefer not to look too deeply at what works well and what could be better in their relationships. Sadly, they often wait until one, or both of them, has reached desperation point.

Coaching for couples can be likened to coaching for top business executives. Already excellent at their jobs, coaching provides tools and skills to give them the edge to climb the ladder and be even better at what they do.

Whether you fit into the former or the latter category, couples coaching is an awesome gift for your relationship!

Which “character” are you in your relationship?

Do you always “sweat the small stuff” because …… well, actually, it’s the Big Stuff


Do you often look the other way and smooth over little irritations because…….well, life’s too short.

Couples coaching provides a safe space to come together and talk about how your individual styles impact each other and the relationship. No judging, no right or wrong, just new awareness, improved connection and better communication.