Rider Lounge

Rivendell Freestyle Champs

For the First Time in the Western Cape – a special space created just for you, the Riders and Competitors.

Join us at Rivendell Freestyle Champs
9 – 11 August 2019
for a unique opportunity to warm up with dressage specific exercises by well known Out the Saddle personal trainer Gavin McDermid.

1. Pop in before you mount and let Gavin show you a few tried and tested exercises to loosen up your riding muscles – deepen your seat, engage your core and ride your best test! Free for all competitors. 

Book a video assessment during the show for a full rider specific workout plan designed for you as an individual. Special Show Price of R1000, usually R1800.

What’s Included?

  1. Video Assessment (on and off horseback)
  2. Individual exercise plan for 6 weeks
  3. Follow up and readjustment of program
  4. access to Q+A from Gavin

2. Pre- ride, join me in the lounge to talk about the latest mental skills that top riders are using to enhance their performance. Lets get you in the zone before you begin! Post-ride – come for a cool down and discussion about the importance of logging your positive experiences in the arena.

Here’s whats on offer for your mindset:

  • The best mix of the latest research, science that you can believe in, and an entirely individual approach that is custom made for you
  • Practical exercises that anyone can do,
  • A safe and confidential space to explore your mindset and how much it influences your riding.

Gavin and Linda will be on site for all 3 days of the Freestyle Championships and Young Horse Show at Rivendell Stud from 9 – 11 August. Everyone is welcome – you don’t have to be riding in the show to benefit from the Rider’s Lounge Experience. Pop in for a chat and a hydrating drink.

Bookings are essential for the Rider Assessment by Gavin – please allow half an hour – please email linda@forgingahead.co.za with your preferred time and an alternative.

Practice like you’ve never won.

Perform like you’ve never lost.


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