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The Eyes of a Hungry Lion

In my work as a coach who enjoys the richness that working alongside my horses as equine facilitators brings to my clients’ experiences, I am also openly hungry for knowledge and wisdom that will continue to fire my passion for this work, and...

Mirror, Mirror on the wall…

A stranger called me today and offered to buy my horse. She had seen my mare cavorting in her paddock the previous weekend, and Jazz is apparently the spitting image of a much beloved mare she had left behind overseas. She tracked down my...

How to be more Aware of Behaviour

So, there I was, practicing positive reinforcements with Jazz and building a great relationship and getting very excited about her growth and learning, not to mention my own. Then she kicked me in the face. Oops. Or rather, ouch. Flippin’ OUCH....


I often get asked similar questions about Equestrian Mindset Coaching and Riding. I thought it might be useful to share these with you along with my response.

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