Qualifications And Approach

I coach within an Integral framework and bring my passion for horses to my work as one of the first equine assisted coaches in Cape Town. I have a Diploma in Practitioner Coaching (DIPC) from The Coaching Center. Coaching within a Thinking Environment, with a leaning towards Process Oriented Psychology, I believe in a flexible approach to each client, allowing for a variety of tools and modalities, dependent on individual need and preference. 

A Short Story

Once upon a time, many years ago, I had the privilege of owning and riding a horse called Forge Ahead. His nature was true to his name, and he taught me a lot about getting on with the job in hand.

After he retired, I got on with the business of raising twin sons as a single mom, and “forging” some sort of path towards a career. I set aside my dreams of horsey fame, stopped teaching horse riding, and began the tortuous process of “finding myself.”

Along the way I discovered the joys of physical fitness, and was fortunate enough to represent South Africa in the sport of triathlon. As my boys grew and started to flap their fledgling wings, I met and married Mr Hennings, and underwent another transformation as I forged a new identity in the world. As we both blundered around falling in love and learning how to navigate one another’s rough edges, I realized that I still had some work to do…

My journey towards personal growth, leadership and change was well under way. Forging Ahead Coaching and Facilitation cc was born in 2010.

And then, fifteen years after I had hung up my riding boots, I found Jazz, my soul horse. Or rather, she found me. I leapt in to the deep end of horse ownership once again and began to explore a whole new world of connection, communication and trust.

Jazz, and later Double Punch, my current equine companions, have taught me everything I know about forging powerful relationships. I’ve learnt how incredibly sensitive energy is, and how much can be achieved just by breathing. I keep practicing with my horses, my husband and all the relationships that matter to me.