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Your life is a reflection of your thoughts. Change your thinking and you change your life

- Brian Tracy

“Good morning Linda, it was a great day for Amber at dressage yesterday. I’m sure she will discuss with you on Wednesday but I just wanted to say thank you from my side for helping her 😘. She was more able to calm herself when she got nervous, she didn’t shut down and enjoyed the show. She said she could hear your voice in her head :D. We are so happy. Have a fabulous week. xx ”

“Linda was amazing. She imparted a whole new skill set with the tools to implement it.
It has made a huge difference to the attitude as well as the riding: from the ability to handle wobbles and things that didn’t work out with limited recovery time to being assertive about needs to zoning before classes.
Cannot recommend Linda highly enough – this is coaching that you need, it helps with your riding and carries over into everyday life.”

– Belinda Thom (well known Western Cape saddle fitter)

“Linda’s coaching has made a huge difference. Amazing to see the difference. Was more assertive with her needs and zoning before her class started and more confident in her classes. And was able to handle results that didn’t go her way very well. Thank you 🙏🙏🙏💕🙏🙏🙏🙏 it has made a huge difference”

– parent of a very successful junior rider

“Linda’s coaching was extremely intuitive and on-point with everything I was feeling, and I found her way of framing my experiences in words very helpful to the process.”

“You helped me look at perceived problems differently and it also spilled over to my work situation. I now start to see solutions to problems where before I was unable to see a way forward.”

“It has been such an amazing experience for me, exploring themes that ended up encompassing far more than just what I thought was going on with my riding. This journey has become one of self discovery and acceptance. Thank you Linda for giving me the space to find myself.”

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