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A calm and confident mindset is the best predictor of riding success, yet also the most neglected area of most rider’s preparation. If you want to progress to the next level in your riding, the attention you devote to your own mental skills training needs as much focus as any of the work you do with your horse.


Since we can’t yet meet up at shows again until spectators and vendors are allowed, we are hard at work designing a Rider’s Journal for your 2021 planning.

Great goal setting produces excellent performance. Stay tuned for news about the Goal Setting Webinar for Riders in January 2021.


Watch this space for tips and tricks to help your riders master their show nerves, and produce peak performances under pressure.

Coming soon: A modular approach to equestrian mental skills – especially for riding coaches and trainers.

Equestrian Mindset Coaching with

Linda Hennings

“Don’t let your mind stop your body from enjoying every moment of your riding”

The best mix of the latest research, science that you can believe in, and an entirely individual approach that is custom made for you.

Practical exercises that anyone can do.

A safe and confidential space to explore your own individual fears and goals.

Every session translates instantly into useable techniques for your next ride, your upcoming lesson, or the big show next weekend.

About Forging Ahead

I’m Linda Hennings. I have years of experience as a coach and facilitator of high performing individuals and teams in stressful business environments. I’m also a horsewoman who adores competing.


Linda offers individual face-to-face, video or telephonic sessions as well as group clinics, either at her Noordhoek based practice, or at your chosen yard or venue in the Western Cape.

Mental Skills Coaching

Mentally prepare for your next ride, whatever your discipline or skill level. Develop a step-by-step plan to incrementally improve your riding results, whatever discipline or level you currently ride at

Coaching Process

We are all different, and while one person may need to address finding calm and focus before a dressage test or jumping round, another may need help visualising creating higher energy to overcome their horse’s nappiness when hacking alone.

“Mental performance techniques build confidence, foster consistency in performance, and help riders achieve their goals.” – Tonya Johnston

About Me

I’m Linda Hennings. I am passionate about helping people find new ways to do ordinary things better. As a rider myself, I know how we tend to focus all our attention on our horses – nothing is too much trouble for them and it gives us great pleasure to make sure they have everything they could possibly need: bodywork, supplements, the latest equipment, carrots, love and so on.

Its easy to forget the vital role of rider mental preparation. I have arrived at more than one show with every possible piece of equipment, many hours of lessons under my belt and not a single usable mental skill in place.

After years of helping leaders and teams in corporate get their game plan on, I needed to turn those skills into mindset strategies that I could use. I delved into my knowledge base of coaching for enhanced performance, looked at all the material I had gathered about how adults learn, and began to research the specific issues that riders face.

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What People Are Saying

“You helped me look at perceived problems differently and it also spilled over to my work situation. I now start to see solutions to problems where before I was unable to see a way forward.”

“Linda’s coaching was extremely intuitive and on-point with everything I was feeling, and I found her way of framing my experiences in words very helpful to the process.”

“It has been such an amazing experience for me, exploring themes that ended up encompassing far more than just what I thought was going on with my riding. This journey has become one of self discovery and acceptance. Thank you Linda for giving me the space to find myself.”

Find Your Confidence. Set Your Goals. Break The Limits. Take The Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Mental Skills Coaching is appropriate for riders of all levels
Recreational riders welcome
All ages
Distance session follow ups available
A package of weekly sessions is recommended initially, after which follow ups can be scheduled when you need them.
Athletes from all sports welcome

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