Equestrian Mental Skills

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What are Equestrian Mental Skills?

At their core, equestrian mental skills are techniques designed to help riders improve their focus, confidence, and overall mental toughness. By training your mind alongside your body, you can unlock your true potential as a rider

Why are they important?

In equestrian sports, mental toughness can often be the deciding factor between a win and a loss. By developing your mental skills, you can stay calm under pressure, overcome challenges, and perform at your best, no matter the situation.

How does it work?

FORGING AHEAD helps riders of all levels improve their riding performance through mental skills training. We combine proven techniques with personalised coaching to help you overcome your mental barriers and achieve your goals.


Equestrian athletes come in all shapes and sizes, but what defines all of the true legends of our sport are their attitude and ability to use their mental skills to great advantage.

The Forging Ahead System has been developed to increase your mental skills to better utilise your physical talent.

Mentally prepare for your next ride, whatever your discipline or skill level. Develop a step-by-step plan to incrementally improve your riding results, whatever level you ride at.

Ready to take your riding to the next level? Join the Forging Ahead Academy today and start unlocking your true potential as a rider.

"Linda and the Forging Ahead Academy has had a massive impact on my life. I joined the program in the hopes of becoming a braver and less anxious rider. What I have gotten out of the course so far is so much more. Linda’s tools and strategies have transcended into all the spheres of my life. Not only have I set myself attainable and self-fulfilling goals in my riding, I have done the same in my business and personal life. My coach, staff, friends, as well as family have noticed and benefitted from my growth as an individual. I will be forever grateful for the tools and knowledge I have gained from working through the Forging Ahead program!"

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