Horsepower for Women who Lead

Call to Adventure

We are calling on women who lead in completely different spheres of life (managers, mothers, coaches, teachers, entrepreneurs, …) to join us on a 2-day adventure:

  • Explore what energises and inspires you.
  • Recognise what you are really good at.
  • Engage with emotions.
  • Acknowledge needs.
  • Confront obstacles.
  • Connect to the power within you!

Other women and some horses will be there to support.

Why horses?

  • Horses symbolise non-predatory power and freedom.
  • They are social beings, living naturally within hierarchies.
  • They do not wear masks and can see behind the masks we wear.
  • They react strongly to non-verbal communication.
  • We need to be fully present and mindful as we engage with them.


  • The workshop encompasses two full days:
    Friday, 9th & Saturday, 10th November 2018, 9am – 5pm.
  • Participants are asked to come wearing comfortable clothes suitable for the outdoors, closed shoes, hat and sunscreen.
  • The cost of R 3,500 per participant includes lunch, tea/coffee and water during the workshop.
  • Email to book or ask questions.


  • Our programme is developed to strengthen self-awareness, awareness for interpersonal dynamics, and to provide learning opportunities with immediate, unbiased feedback.
  • We combine co-active coaching principles with experiential learning.
  • We share carefully selected chunks of theory about interpersonal interaction and leadership.
  • We work with a group of 6 – 8 women at a time.

The Human Facilitators

Dr. Layo Seriki is an organisational consultant and leadership coach. Her work focusses on identifying what is needed to optimise the effectiveness and contentedness of people at work, especially in the African context.
She is a hobby horse-rider who has learnt a lot about herself from the horses she has engaged with over the years.

Linda Hennings brings her passion for horses to her work as one of the first equine assisted coaches in Cape Town. Coaching within a Thinking Environment, with a leaning towards Process Oriented Psychology, Linda believes in a flexible approach to each client, allowing for a variety of tools and modalities, dependent on
individual need and preference.

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